When the leaves begin to drop and the wind considerably increases, we know it's time to relegate our floral dresses and colorful summer clothes. Autumn calls for cool jackets and cover-up clothing, as the rains increase in parts of the world like Africa, the sun bids us adieu and ushers in the wind.

As easy as sorting out and switching our clothes sounds, it’s a task that requires deep planning and thinking which is why some common mistakes have become a norm. The process may be different for men and women. In fact, we dare say men find it easier to sort out and switch their clothing so no offense but they are more likely to make these mistakes.

When it’s fall/autumn we know it’s time to populate our wardrobe with thigh-high boots, cargo pants, long dresses, jeans and, sexy sweaters. Switching and sorting out our clothes may seem like an easy thing to do, but it goes beyond just packing and stuffing our out-of-season clothes in a box. In sorting and switching we have to do it right and avoid these mistakes:


1. Hoarding without a plan

Yes, the season has changed, yes the sun said it’s goodbyes and ushered in the wind, but you still believe some of your summer clothes can still be rocked in winter. The only way this would work is if you’re pairing and layering the clothes. If you plan to restyle your off season outfits like pairing a sexy leggings with an autumn dress or rocking a polo shirt with jeans that’s totally fine. Saving off season clothes without a plan is hoarding, you’re simply cluttering your home and wardrobe. It’s at times like this you should bundle up your out of season clothes, put them in a box and send them off to the salvation army or charity. Let’s face it, by next summer those styles wouldn’t even be on the fashion table anymore. Rather than hoard and increase clutter, sort the clothes according to type and give them out!

2. Random organization

This is a common sorting mistake everyone is guilty of. Jeans have no business being in the same box as silk dresses! When you’re organizing your closet, pack  your off-season clothes according to type. Dresses go in one box, jackets should be hanging, shirts go in another box and so on. Whether it's men’s clothing or women's clothing, the same style of organization is necessary. Organizing your clothes according to type and season is preparing yourself for a stress less future. It becomes easier to find any piece of clothing if the need arises because you know exactly where it should be. Let’s agree to ditch arranging clothes in our closet randomly.

3. Pick clothes that match your style

Even though it’s windy and cold, or hot and sunny, you can still show off your style with what you wear. It’s all about pairing your clothes rightly. When you shop for new season clothes think about how you can rock them. When it’s winter, match your hoodies with your puffer jackets or your boots with your scarf. All fashion rules don’t go out the window because it’s colder now. You can look hot in an autumn dress and sexy in a hooded jacket. Maintain your style through all seasons.

4. Create Space

It’s a norm to find some peoples closets stuffed to full capacity. This not only makes your life difficult, but it also causes you to lose your stuff regularly. Can’t find my scarf, can’t find my skinny jeans, I can’t find that dress and you just saw it yesterday? Instead of overstuffing your wardrobe, sort your clothes out according to what you’re most likely to wear. At this point, cute dollar store storage boxes should be your best friend. After separating those jeans you haven’t worn since last season, that belt you don’t use roll it up, that pink heels pack it up. Bear in mind that your storage boxes are like a mini extension of your closet. Hang up your hot dresses, shirts, and jackets to create space underneath your wardrobe.

5. Pack With Care

We are all guilty of this mistake. Our shoes and clothes cringe because of how we pack them for storage or to give out. First of all, launder the clothes, fold them according to type, then pack them with wit attention to detail. To avoid mold, and dampness put silica gel bags inside each box. Wrap delicate clothes and shoes before packing to avoid crushing or deforming them. You can also toss in fabric softeners  When all of this is done you’re ready for the season and your wardrobe will thank you!

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