Excuses - Sorry / Not Sorry

There are only two options, make progress or make excuses”

Photo Credit: Chase @Unsplash

Fast foods, fast money, fast certificates, the world we live in today is on a roll! We have been so coddled by technology and its advancements that people need motivation to even light a match! Thanks to the ease we are now used to, no one wants to do the work anymore and this is how excuses started to rule our world. Don’t get us wrong, these advancements are great, chilling is great and necessary but when we begin to utterly depend on technology, something, someone for everything, when we live daily in one spot, or ‘chill’ every single day, that’s where the problem comes, that’s when we become literal couch potatoes.

Sorry, I can't today, my sister's friend's mother's grandpa’s brother's grandson's uncle’s rabbit died and yes it was tragic! Maybe tomorrow, I am tired, I'm so busy (Sure, playing PS5?)  Come off it girl/man! Excuses upon excuses what people forget is that these little things can impact their health negatively forever. People always ask how come the previous generation lived longer, well maybe because they weren't consuming so much fast food and rocked their frost with sexy sports bra and classic cutoff outfits for group exercises every single day, that’s how some of them met their soul mates, they didn’t joke with their funky exercise. We can't deny that they were healthier, unlike now when people sit in a spot, Netflix and chill until every bone in their body become stiff. This is the reason why obesity is topping the charts in 1000 ways to die, 21st-century version because obesity always has its sisters; high cholesterol, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, and cancer tagging along.


Photo Credit: @thecoolfit

Did you know that in America alone 73.6% of adults 20years and above are obese and overweight? And we wonder why the Coronavirus is ravaging us so much, people are not healthy no more! It’s not about being a gym rat, it’s about rocking a nice sport outfit like the ones at TheCoolFit and going for an evening jog or walk at least, because at this point even the barest minimum physical activity would suffice.

Let’s take a trip to Africa, where people are dying of hunger yet have a longer life expectancy. Could it be because they’re not as exposed and dependent on technology as we are? Africans actually do a lot of physical work, they are a pretty hardworking set of people with high immunity. It’s no wonder Covid didn’t affect them as much as it did us. They are constantly exposed to Vitamin D from the sunlight and they plant their own food, contrary to popular opinion Africans be living!

As humans, we always find a way to escape responsibility for the state of our bodies and our minds, I mean 30% of the world’s population today are proven procrastinators, and compared to 1978 when it was 5% that is a massive increase. In case you didn’t know surfing on the internet doesn’t count as exercise! So *In Madeas Voice* get your damn ass up from the couch, wear a 

cute workout outfits for men or women and go get yourself that much-needed Vitamin D or fresh air. We underestimate the amount of good exposure to the cool evening wind or a little body activity can do for us. The little steps we take and the changes we make in our lifestyle go a long way in affecting our mental and physical health. Like the popular quote goes “you can have results or you can have excuses, however, you cannot have both” so what's it gonna be?

Let’s tell you a secret; the TV will not die if you don’t watch it for at least 30 minutes a day,  it’s time to get up and get your body back! Excuses can only deprive people of what they should have and hinder them from becoming who they should be.

It takes waking up, getting up and actually doing what you need to do to live above excuses, while you snack on home delivered chips and game, sleep or watch that limited Netflix series for the fifteenth time, life is happening outside. The sun is setting magnificently, beautiful gardens are producing fruits, the wind is caressing people's skin, and people are changing their lifestyle, so once again we ask, what are you gonna do about it? Will you live life to the full or will you live life like a phone with a low battery?

How do you stop making excuses and take responsibility for your health and well-being? It’s simple, Nike once said Just Do It! Shop our extensive collection of crazily workout outfits for men and women (psssst even children) and take charge of your life! Focus on your strength and build them, stop with the total dependence on both humans and machines, start by setting small body goals, and if you need a little motivation to do all of that; drink from our Motivational Water Bottle and thank us later. We will always have you covered.