“I remember how panicked I was as I realized I was god forbid going to be LATE!

The first-day rush had me caught in it and my mom and I underestimated the amount of time it would take to get to school. Late on my first day, the school is going to absolutely hate me!” 

I walked into school feeling panicky, hours later I walked into the lunchroom, and I had a panic attack, for reverse claustrophobia? Fear of open spaces. It was crazy”

Photo source: Twitter via @hellokennedi

First day in high school, kindergarten, or even homeschool, these kids be going through stuff, because it’s the day that sets the pace for the rest of the school year or so they say! Everywhere in the world, a child's first day at school is everything, they feel excited, nervous, and a little scared for all the new experience they are about to have, it’s a mishmash of feelings. All of this jitter and cold feet didn’t start this school year and it won't stop now. As parents, there's so much we can do to make things better for our kids on this special day. Now with the sanitizers, face masks, and oh the new set of rules, these kids don’t have it like we used to with the baby Rona virus.

These Peng-looking first-timers, going to school with expectations as high as a horse, they always want to look their best to make a great impression, and that’s why TheCoolFit stocks up only the best high-quality fashionable outfit with great graphic tees for kids. We have these viral photos of kids going to school looking cute and coming back looking like they were in a class brawl, one shoe missing, ponytails turned braids and braids turned afro! What do these kids do in school?

It’s the excitement when they go and the tiredness when they come back for us. Google statistics say one of the most searched questions on the first day of school every year is “Who created homework?” so we have these kids wondering why they also have to take school home after such a long day!? That’s the beauty of first days, it creates an unforgettable experience for everyone, parents, teachers, and students, no one is left out.

The kids don’t have it easy, but neither do teachers and the parents. All over the world, there's a story tied to how the first “first day of school” began, and regardless of the location, the story is the same, the kids are excited, the parents are happy to capture the moment and send them off with lots of goodies and the teachers; grace to them.

First days become the first week and the first week becomes the first term before we know it, as children go through all of these firsts it’s important that the parents are there cheering them up and encouraging them through to the end.

Photo source: Twitter via @hellokennedi

Only the Lord knows what these kids do at school. Parents begin the school year vibrant and active, packing fine lunch and snacks to go and after 2 days, when we look in that box we find a banana and cereal? Don’t throw stones because we are not judging. The stress that comes with keeping up with youngsters? It’s even more exhilarating than mountain climbing but that’s why we love them.

The one thing we can still influence in our kids is their style, well that is until they decide they want to wear purple hair, Tiktok leggings or fishnets then there’s nothing we can do about that. Before they gain their independence, we still have the power to influence what they wear. One of the ways we can maintain the energy of ‘first days’ is by planning out cool outfits for the term at the beginning. Even if we have teenagers, we can still get them outfits like a nice sweatshirt or hoodie  that say something about their personalities. A cool outfit has the power to spike a child’s confidence 100%.

How to maintain the “First Day of School” Energy

Don’t stop their drip: The same cute way you dressed them up on the first day, is the same way you should dress them up to school every day! Make your kids feel special, trust us when we say it’s not going to be as stressful as it seems. On this part, we've got you covered with code ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’. So you can shop all things from character tees to cute leggings, matching sport suits, and their favorite superhero outfit in the store at 15% off!  If you have teenagers gift them outfits that speak, something to boost their confidence, like a customized shirt. No excuses, they must stay looking peng!

Words of Affirmation (Gas them up!): You can do it, you look beautiful, you’ll be amazing at school today, you’re the best, you are beautiful, don’t stop saying it after the first day. Let it continue because these kids need to hear it and they will thank you for it. You can get them character tees that affirm them as a reminder.

All Firsts are packed with moments that create memories, let’s create awesome ones with our family while we still can because we will always look back and laugh at these days, grateful that we had them.

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