We live in a bubbly and highly active world, where we never have the time to catch a break. There's always something seeking our attention, there's always something to do and that is why we must be deliberate about taking time off to catch a break, YOLO you know! The misconception about relaxation is that it's only necessary for people who work full-time 9 am- 5 pm jobs but that’s wrong, everyone needs to relax to avoid burnout. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom with your sexy booty shorts or a workaholic if you care about your health and wellbeing then relaxation should be at the top of your priority list. A study showed that most health issues we have regularly like back pain, muscle tensions, headaches, and loss of focus can be tackled with a little bit of deliberate chilling. 

Relaxation is all about switching things up in your daily routine and carrying out activities that relieve you of stress and prevent burnout. Now you must know that rocking your best yoga bra with a sexy high waist leggings while sitting down in a spot for hours is not the only way to relax, there are other ways you can relax and relieve all of that tension you feel in your body.


How to spend your day of relaxation 

Between work, family and all the activities life constantly hit us with, it is important to find time for yourself. This time of relaxation can be spent meditating, doing yoga, light breathing exercises, writing, or simply connecting with nature. Building a daily relaxation routine is easy; get affordable fitness clothes, your favorite books, a non-slip yoga mat, a playlist with your favorite chill songs, or your favorite movie of all time.   


Relaxing as a Family

If you have a family, the stress on your shoulders will be extra. To promote family bonding time and relieve stress, you can dress the kids up in a cool relaxing outfit and go for a walk with the fam around your neighborhood or to the park, it's that easy! If your family is not outdoorsy, try playing indoor games, performing group minor workouts, Netflixing and chilling together, go on a family hiking trip to connect with nature, or take time out to read a book. 

Single parenting comes with its fun times and challenging times but that’s what makes the entire journey a blessing. As a single parent time off from your kid or kids is a must, it doesn’t mean you love them less, it just means that you care about your kid enough to care about yourself. So, get up and rock a sexy fitness cloth if you're a mum or a nice men's fitness wear if you're a single dad and take your body for a spin! A break in your regular hectic routine is just what you need to foster healthy living and wellness. Over the years, more people have gotten into the flow of yoga and meditation as it's such a great way to relax, it promotes pain relief, boosts your energy, and improves your mood. When you’ve spent time with yourself, it's not a bad idea to dress up your kid and have a relaxing bonding time. If you're a single mom with a mini-you trust us to have the perfect relaxing outing outfit for your baby girl. 


Relaxing as a Single  

*In Beyonce’s voice* All the single ladies, all the single Papi's, it's easy to get caught up in the rat race, trying to make a living, schooling, or simply just living, this endless cycle is super detrimental to your health and wellbeing whether you see it or not. Lifestyle changes and healthy choices are super necessary if you find that you're stuck and burning out. Now that you have the energy of youth, take a break from the hustle, put on a running hoodie or a sexy sports bra, and go enjoy the feel of the wind in your face. You can make some lifestyle changes by being deliberate about your actions; drinking more water (a motivational water bottle can help you with that), eating healthy food rather than junk, spending time with nature and of course, exercising! 

Now that you’ve decided to do more chilling, check out our super cool anime hoodies if you're an anime lover, our crew t-shirts, joggers, our sexy sports bras, and leggings. When it comes to relaxation outfits, trust us to have you covered.