Fashion week - Expectation Versus Real Life

The gate that leads to the “most wonderful time of the year” is now open! The beginning of the new season is also the most vibrant time in the fashion world. We see fashion week from New York to Milan and Paris to London. These fashion weeks set the pace and trends for what we supposedly should be wearing this season and it’s usually not a sexy sports bras or sexy joggers.

A really important question we should be asking is, how realistic are these trends we see in the fashion world today? Don’t you ever find an outfit absolutely stunning and wonderful on TV but then you know that in normal life there’s no way that outfit is gonna work! The fashion world has almost become an unrealistic trendsetting platform.

 It’s understandable to rock a superhero shirt, nice sexy shorts and high waist leggings in a great way for ladies or a cool men’s fitness wear to go about your day. I mean we can throw on a hoodie and denim to go pick up our kid from school, for a night out, and even to work from home. Who will ever wear a hefty dress full of frills or a leopard print mess every single day? Let’s leave all of that for the red carpet and runways.

 Fashion should be all about wearing what you love, wearing what makes you comfortable, and wearing what makes you feel confident. Hear me: if you feel confident in a sport shorts for girls and a cute crop top then rock the hell out of it girl!

How does the expectation from the fashion week fit into our reality?

For years the fashion industry threw skinny women and men  at us and caused people to feel insecure about their size. You could only find a handful of brands embracing and showcasing plus-size fashion. With the recent uproar and change in the industry plus size fashion has become a thing. The fashion industry has been serving us unrealistic staples for ages, maybe it’s high time more designers design what we can actually wear in real life? Or we might as well tie on our favorite blankets to the mall on weekends just like our fav celebrities.

What would you rather wear to a picnic? A cool hoodie and denim or an iron mesh skirt with a blinding sequin top? Regardless of your fashion aesthetic, we can all agree that a casual jogger and a sexy shirt is a staple in every living persons wardrobe. The fashion world has to align with the real world and start meeting our fashion needs realistically.

  Rihanna and ASAP Rocky

 Photo credit: Instagram @themetgala21

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